Saturday, April 9, 2016

Inner Healing and Deliverance

Have you ever considered starting over, moving out of state, out of the country, leaving all that you know behind and just starting over.  Many of us have considered it, pondered and played with the idea and then reality sets in and we feel stuck in the same situation that we are trying to leaving.  Over the last decade of my life I have considered many times starting over in a new place UNTIL I met Jesus at the well in my life.  There He gave me another chance to start over and be renamed with my true identity.  Want to get to know yourself through the eyes of our Lord?  Here is how I did it; I would love to tell you take these 5 simple steps to a new life but let us be for real, a new start is never that easy.  There is a lot work to be done on the inside prior to changing your external situation. 

1.  Start having daily conversations with God.  The first step into building a relationship is communication.  Communication opens the door for reciprocation; meaning YOU talk HE talks YOU ask HE answers.  Having a prayer life gets the attention of God but also builds your faith.  Through faith you start to hear the word of the Lord that is spoken over you.  The Bible outlines what the Lord wants for you and what He expects from you as well.  The word of the Lord tells you,  "YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE."   Psalms 139.  You are perfection in the sight of your creator that is who you were meant to be--  We were all clean slates when birthed but through the years and influence of the world and our own choices we have tainted the canvas that was once perfection.  Not liking the picture that is painted?  The good news is that Christ died so that your canvas can be wiped cleaned and the portrait of perfection can be recreated. 

2. Clean your "house" -  You are created to be the temple of the Holy Spirit where Christ dwells within you.  I would have reoccurring dreams about cleaning house and how I was good at getting behind furniture and moving it out of the way.  This was a clear indication to me that the Spirit was indicating that there was something going on inside of me that needed some serious work -  I was able to hide behind a smile and always joking but behind the green hazel eyes and flesh was a broken person. As I fasted and prayed God gave me revelation in dreams, songs, the written word and in visions of where I was, who I was, where I should be and who I should have been.  The vision of where I should have been and who I was born to be was so great that I couldn't ignore it but had to contend with the vision to get keep it alive.  I was ready for God's transformation power to take out.  As I fasted I would see in my dreams the very things that God was removing from me, actions, attitudes, poor disposition of self worth, thoughts and even people.  I allowed him to do whatever it took to get me to where He originally planned for me to be.  You have to learn to let go and let God.  Little by little life started to come together piece by piece, He is my healer, the One who put me back together, the mender of my broken heart.  Isaiah 1:16-  Wash yourselves and cease from doing evil deeds.  1 Corinthians 1:30- It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God--that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption.

3.  Commit to the work of the Lord-  Own your transformation and commit 100% to it.  God does not expect us to be perfect - there is only one that is and that is Jesus Christ but He expects you to be a willing participant in the transformation.  What He has removed from you, remember not.  Isaiah 43:18- Remember not the former things and do not dwell in the past.  You simply can NOT GO BACK it is not an option.  Once the hand of the Lord redeems you from the ways of this world and the hand of the enemy you have to make a conscious decision and know that you who are becoming can not partner with who you were.  Simply stated, You can not put old wine in new wine skins-  You are being made new.  I speak of you in the process because the truth is that your creator perfects your ways daily.