Saturday, November 26, 2016

Don't judge I wasn't born this way-- Part 1

I cry out to you as you sustain me in a small encasement surrounded by water, knowing that you are the first voice I hear.  I cry out for you as the flood gates open and I make my way from darkness into light that leads me into a new world.  I cry out to you to be nourished every few hours to satisfy my hunger, I look to you to hold my head up and seek you when I am ready to mobilize and crawl.  I cry for you when I feel the anxiety of separation, I search for you room to room when I don’t see you or feel you; not quite fully understanding the words I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I look to you as I stand upright and need the support to remain on my own two feet using the muscle in my limbs.  I extend my hand to you so that I gain my footing and able to walk for the first time.  I look to you to tell me what things are out of my natural born curiosity.  I learn to do some things on my own knowing that I have only gained enough knowledge to say, “Daddy, I need help.”  I look for your words to show me what things are.  I jump up and down to vie for your attention, in your silence I just look at you and you always know how to help.  As I grow in the years and seasons I try so hard to do it on my own but realize that I only had enough strength to push the chair to the top of the counter, but not enough strength to hop up and get what it is that I needed, so all I do is look at you and you lift me up.  I come to you for your wisdom and ask you how to apply it because I realize that in all stages you are my Abba Father.  The heart of a worshipper.  From creation He knitted us in the womb, from birth to be born again we go back to the stages of infancy no matter what our natural age is.


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