Saturday, November 26, 2016

When He Knocks --Stand with the Father-

When the Lord knocks its because He is seeking you so that you have ears to hear and eyes to see what the spirit of the Lord is saying and doing.  I was up very early writing a totally different blog and then I lost it (like accidentally deleted)- or thought I did.  I immediately thought I was doing something wrong and kept trying to recover the draft.  I had no choice, hands in the air and asking for His words and guidance I asked if I was saying something wrong--

Prior to that--  I was in my kitchen hearing the words in the spirit and became some what energized, I can't say that it was anger but there was a squeeze in my chest, like a hurt and the words were just flowing and I heard preach it that way.  So naturally I started writing and there is went;  switch direction so I feel impressed to say that the Lord will have His words come through the way He wants them.

I was writing in Spanish and even declaring the word as I paced in the kitchen and I felt my hands and my facial expressions changing.  As the message started flowing the spirit of the Lord showed me that not everyone understands a foreign language.  Not everyone was born this way, not everyone has the ability to pick things up that quick but we go by what we see.  If I were to stand and preach in Spanish (which I can not YET but can speak the language) how many of the people in the church would understand me.  How many people where we decide to worship would understand?  If I was in a church whose spoken word was in Spanish, all would understand or some would say Hey... she aint Hispanic I understand her but she didn't say it right, I get it but that's not how we talk.   Or- I would be in front of people who couldn't understand me and read my facial expression and have to rely on me to translate -- or rely on the others to do so if they were gifted enough to understand a second language.   I felt the pinnacle of the sermon when He spoke and said, what if you didn't understand, how would you feel?  You have to rely on others to translate, but instead they hold it because they are selfish, because they are mockers. 

The Lord is calling for more than unity in the body of Christ, He is calling for every man to examine themselves and MOTIVES and to really turn away from their own feelings.  The Lord is not pleased with the mockers.  If I were to stand and preach the word in Spanish and you could not understand the instruction that could save your life, if you could not understand the emotion behind it you would be lost.  You wouldn't be filled--  but it will take someone to explain it to you for you to understand.  How dare you understand something and not share it?  How dare you sit on the side and mock and not support.   Your Christianity cost too much for you to stand on the side of the accusers.  Who are you-- that you are the accuser of the brethren of who seek me, who are you that you are one who wants to see failure, who are you?  The Lord is calling for Unity--  A kingdom can not be divided and stand-- a word is separated in part by those who don't feel it-- because the words become words rather than a living translation and become literal to those who seek their own truth rather than the Lord's truth.  The words are used to prove your point in your righteousness rather than to change a life.  

If one holds onto the bread while His neighbor is hungry than what have you given your neighbor?  If one sets out to succeed in Christ and you have given him judgement then what have you given your neighbor, if one is clear on a path and you set forth a mountain then what have you given your neighbor?   You placed barriers, you've mocked, you've tormented, and you did not see me--   How do you not see me when I was with you in your trial, when I was with you in your infancy , when I was with you in your moment of discouragement.

His kingdom is bigger than the world we choose to live in and therefore it will come forth--  The Lord is preparing His people for what will come and how it will come-- the enemy will not prevail against the Army of the Lord.  Decide what side you are on as of now-- because those who place barriers, those who mock, those who choose to set out against the will of the Father do not stand with the Father.. 

Conversely, the Lord is raising up a new generation that is not apart of the religiosity but relational.   The foundation of the rock is based on the foundation of the word which is the word wrapped in flesh come to this earth to do a new thing.  There is always the foundation, which is Jesus Christ, the triune God- the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit, and there is ONE TRUTH and that does not change..  but the Lord is impacting lives, regions and areas with game changers, with people who seek the change within to see it in others-- for people who can see farther than where they have ever been.  Be apart of the plan to see HIS KINGDOM COME -- HIS WILL BE DONE...    Be the change you want to see, become who He has called you to be-- be willing, available and able and don't look on the sidelines nor look back-- but press towards the high calling of Christ.   

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