Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lead me to the rock- Poetry

Lead me to The Rock

Once found at the well of truth, I hid in a corner with shame and despair, but here came a messenger that said, don’t fear I’ve been there.  I was at the same place where you were not too long ago.  It took some time being sick of being sick and tired and that’s when I found my rest, when I did all that I shouldn’t have done, there was someone to challenge me to be my best.   They told me about a man who I only heard of, but never knew- come and see what He can do.  He’s made me into the person I am today, so I reach for you so that you can know the truth and the way.  You see its confusing because your eyes have yet been opened and closed are your ears, but don’t worry because His love cast of all your fears.  You don’t understand how you got to this place but just know this His love will always keep you safe.  You look back and say just help me please, the world has you so bogged down, it brings you to your knees.  And there He is just lifting your head and saying, “Listen you’ve done the rest, why not try me instead.  My burden is not heavy to bare and my yolk is light, I want to show you that I think you’re worth the fight.  In fact you are worth saving, in fact you are worth dying for and therefore I did.  Come walk with me for nothing I will withhold, but I keep you in my hands to make you the perfect mold.  After my image you will be, for I am the hope of glory that will live in thee.” This messenger told me of man I hardly knew and gave me His words to get me through.  I asked what I was missing and then it was plain to see--  All I needed this whole time was for Jesus to talk to me.  I am not perfect and fail at times but I am free I am being changed because Christ lives in me.   

 Your present is not your future and in fact its just the stone that leads you to the rock.   We boast not of who we are today, but how we are only what we are because He remains within us.  He remains in us so that in our weakness we are strong.  He remains with us, so that in all ways what is true and is right His will be done, He works through us and for us.  His work is perfected in us daily so that we reach for the high calling of Christ Jesus.   And for that To God be All the Glory all the Honor and all the praise.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Choose freedom

"Offloading some serious defense can make you offensive to the things that oppose you"

Where can a bound man go that his chains and shackles permit, if a bound man goes anywhere its only where the shackles will not prevent him from going and doing.  You might be confused by that-- think of it this way.  How can someone bound have liberty to move about and go forward- the only area that they can move in is the confines of where those chains are attached to or supported by.  A person bound with their arms to their body and ankle to ankle will not jump into a deep ocean with the expectancy to survive.  There is no expectancy so naturally you avoid the ocean and I presume other places that require you to be able to use all of your limbs and have the activity of them.  Simply speaking you won't put yourself in a situation that you can't get out of because the limitations can be life threatening.  What if I told you that the chains in the spirit are life threatening?  The chains in the spirit bind you to the same thing you want to escape but you never make it out because some unfortunately are comfortable with the chains.  Did you see the movie the Shawshank Redemption?  How ironic is it that a prisoner dreams of their freedom and after years and years he is finally set free.  He goes into the world not knowing what to expect but it was so overwhelming that he did the unthinkable- bound again.  Can I submit to you that often bondage is deep routed through a traumatic experience, through pain and through generational cycles.  In order to live the life that YOU WANT you have to be free from the prison that holds you bound, be free of the chains of confinement and want to remain that way

Ezekial 28:15-  Thou was perfect in thy ways from the day thou was created; UNTIL iniquity was found in thee.  As new born babes we start off pure, clean and new, until that day we decided to exercise free will (God given gift) and make the wrong the decisions and choices; whether in our actions, moral compass, thoughts, habits or ways.  Some things are unavoidable like generational cycles brought about by curses on the family for unrepeated sin in the bloodline others through traumatic experiences.  God's desire is not for you to remain bound but to be set free from all of that to live the life that you deserve.  Luke 4:18, "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free" Jesus came to set you free, to bind the strongman and loose your shackles so that you may live the life you want to have.  A life that is Him in you to experience all joy, love, peace, comfort and the ability and strength to face the days of adversity that are inevitable in all of our lives.  The rain falls on the just and the unjust and if you don't know that by now just keep living, the believer is not a dreamer but a believer.  We know that there are times in our lives where circumstances are just not in our immediate favor BUT GOD will work all things together for the good that love Him, BUT GOD will be our strength and comforter and He will pull us through so that we go through and don't stay stuck.   There is deliverance and healing waiting for you through Jesus Christ. 

Now some will not be honest with themselves in reading this part and that is NOT okay.  To tell yourself the truth is to start to recognize where your bondage and shackles are and THE TRUTH will set you free.  So where are they?  Are you constantly on the outside looking in, do you wish you had someone else's life, do you dream of the day that you could have your own moment instead of living vicariously through others (not that you can't celebrate others but you say to yourself what about me?), do you compare yourself to others and then criticize?  Are you afraid to step out of the box and take on new challenges because you are afraid of failure? Do you see perfection as the only measure of success so you strive just to fail and then give up?  The point is are you happy with the life you are living, are you happy with where you are and what you are doing? Are you really?  Are you telling yourself that you are happy because simply wearing the fa├žade to the world doesn't bring judgement against you?  Are you really happy with who you are?  Are you happy with who you are with? Be honest.  It's your life, not mine.  I will tell you from a personal experience, I had to answer these questions and yes at first I was not honest with myself and then I realized I was never going anywhere until I got real.  Freedom is apart of being real, it says here I am a mess and wanting better, wanting more, needing better, needing more so its time Lord.  Man cannot do this for you, only the Lord almighty can and He will when you come into alignment with His purpose and will for your life. 

What sins have you bound and lets look at why?  How many of us have the face of a lion but the heart of wimp, roar on the outside but meow on the inside?  You are afraid, like the cowardly lion- You personify mean and tough because on the inside your hurt and broken. You give a nasty look because you put up walls so that no one can reach in?  You fear the unknown so you judge what you do not understand?  You fear the loss so you hold onto things that were never yours to begin with?  You fear being alone, so you hold onto everything gathering it around you, including space, place and time so that you don't have to look at you.  Sometimes fear of what we see on the inside of ourselves paralyzes and kills the growth that's needed in order to burst out of those chains.  Let me let you in on a secret-  If your life is in Christ, there is no fear.  Lets knock the devil down right now with some scripture:  2Timothy 1:7 " God did not give you a spirit of fear"  If God didn't give it to you then that means that whatever is not of God is of two things, the flesh or Satan.   The devil would love to have you bound by these fears among the other spirits because then that means you stay in the same place, doing the same thing, acting the same way, and he has successfully conquered you and your GOD given purpose.  I give him no credit so I refuse to say that he won in your life, but the truth is YOU loss much in time, happiness, life, joy, experiences and success because you remained stagnant in your growth,  your plight became your platform and therefore you became defeated.  But God-- has a way out-  I'm just sayin' lets drop the eloquence and the crafty articulation in order to sound edge-a-ma-cated.  You can expect to live in a life that you do not want to live in because you are unwilling to get the devil out of your life.  Some don't know how, some have been walking with him and don't even know it.  It's time to take the challenge to RISE into the place that God has called you.  Don't be afraid to let things go, don't be afraid to confront the ugliest parts of your inner being because guess what, you are not confronting you-- You are actually taking a stand and confronting the spirit that is operating through you and once you recognize you it--  You are ready to get it out of your life,  prepare the eviction notice, notify the authorities because something has to give; offloading some serious defense can make you offensive to the things that oppose you.  Count it not a loss but a gain for Christ.    Do not become defensive that is a sure way to hold onto things but rather go into the opposition knowing that there is an opportunity. 

Look at David-  I love David, Son of Jesse.  Disqualified from the very beginning-  Little sheep boy, no worth except to be in the field taming sheep, but was the mighty warrior-  Above all of those in Saul's army, including the king himself, David took a stand against the Goliath.  How many times do you stand up to goliath's that are not yours but refuse to stand up to your own?  Well looking at it from another angle, why don't you just show up for the battle and let the Lord of hosts take out the very same thing that everyone thought was unbeatable.  You just have to show up-  that's all it takes.  You have to show up and be willing to defeat those Goliaths in your life.  I like the conversation that happened in the scripture.  When Goliath (the strong man, the giant) saw David and the sling shot he said, "what am I a dog?"  Oh yes, Goliath, that you are-- You are the unclean spirits in the life of the believer that continue to lay dormant and then rise up and bark at the wrong time to steal opportunities of success.  It gets better, David takes one stone and right in between the eyes he takes out the giant and then uses the giant's own sword to cut his head off.  A little graphic but I want to tell you that if you can see that in the spirit you too will become the mighty man of valor ( or woman ) like David.  You see, the stone strategically disabled the sight and shattered the skull.  Killing the sight of the enemy then the source of life which is the brain.  Why do you think Jesus stomps on the head of the serpent. Cut off the source of life for it to manifest-   The enemy will only engage what he can see and will manifest so it is important to blindside the enemy.  The only way you can do that is to get into the battle for your life, the one that you are suppose to have. 

That is just conquering the fear and not really conquering the rest that comes along with it.  The spirit of rejection, the spirit of familiarity, the spirit of confusion these are all things that have you bound to outside of the garden, chained up to see the beautiful things within but never really making it within reach to be apart of it.  You have to choose freedom, you have to look at your life realistically and say no more, God I need you.  You have to be willing to let go of things and be willing to move forward unapologetically for wanting the life you are suppose to have.  Jesus did not take upon the cross in vain.  He came for this very reason, He is the deliverer, the healer, the restorer of joy and gladness.  He is the way, the truth and the life, He will give you the life He has for you that will supersede any of your own limitations and expectations because that is who is He is.  That is not to say that there won't be hard times and hard ships. 

You are designed, formed and fashioned with a unique purpose and a unique gift to present to the world.  You are created with a purpose, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb and made in the image of Christ.  You have been given freedom and liberty in Him.  He wants your time, He wants your cares, He wants you to become who you were always destined to be.  He calls out for His people whom He knows by name.  He wants you to trust Him.  I know for someone reading this right now you come from a place of distrust, you have become defensive and therefore you have become an offensive person.  I know that you are looking on the outside in and say I wish, I wish I wish,  Jesus is saying, don't wish, pray, don't think about it and don't act on it, pray and I will come to you and set you free to do my will.  You must want what I have for you more than you want this world.  My problem is not giving it to you,  but if you remain bound the problem is what I have for you can not be held in your hands because you can only hold the things you have collected and there was only enough room for what you could fit in the palm of each hand.  Your arms are still bound to your body so you will never be able to wrap yourself around everything that I have for you.  You ankles are shackled together so you can move but very slowly and without liberty from side to side so you inch forward and it seems like forever to get there.  I need you to want to be free, I need you to know that there is a life you chose and there is a life I want to give you.  I am that I am and I am able but I need you to be a willing participant in your life.  Some of you are dying and giving your life away to the world that is fading, BUT I COME THAT YOU HAVE LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.  I have come to redeem you from the hand of the enemy that wants you bound with lies-  I have come to heal you, to provide for you, to love you.  All of these things are yours, I am at the door- Just knock, call out my name seek the salvation that I want to give you, seek the kingdom of heaven and my ways and all shall be added unto you. 
Jesus calling.