Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lead me to the rock- Poetry

Lead me to The Rock

Once found at the well of truth, I hid in a corner with shame and despair, but here came a messenger that said, don’t fear I’ve been there.  I was at the same place where you were not too long ago.  It took some time being sick of being sick and tired and that’s when I found my rest, when I did all that I shouldn’t have done, there was someone to challenge me to be my best.   They told me about a man who I only heard of, but never knew- come and see what He can do.  He’s made me into the person I am today, so I reach for you so that you can know the truth and the way.  You see its confusing because your eyes have yet been opened and closed are your ears, but don’t worry because His love cast of all your fears.  You don’t understand how you got to this place but just know this His love will always keep you safe.  You look back and say just help me please, the world has you so bogged down, it brings you to your knees.  And there He is just lifting your head and saying, “Listen you’ve done the rest, why not try me instead.  My burden is not heavy to bare and my yolk is light, I want to show you that I think you’re worth the fight.  In fact you are worth saving, in fact you are worth dying for and therefore I did.  Come walk with me for nothing I will withhold, but I keep you in my hands to make you the perfect mold.  After my image you will be, for I am the hope of glory that will live in thee.” This messenger told me of man I hardly knew and gave me His words to get me through.  I asked what I was missing and then it was plain to see--  All I needed this whole time was for Jesus to talk to me.  I am not perfect and fail at times but I am free I am being changed because Christ lives in me.   

 Your present is not your future and in fact its just the stone that leads you to the rock.   We boast not of who we are today, but how we are only what we are because He remains within us.  He remains in us so that in our weakness we are strong.  He remains with us, so that in all ways what is true and is right His will be done, He works through us and for us.  His work is perfected in us daily so that we reach for the high calling of Christ Jesus.   And for that To God be All the Glory all the Honor and all the praise.

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