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Monday, September 25, 2017

A Body That is Dehydrated- Spiritual Dehydration

 The Lord prompted me to write yesterday's health and wellness RISE S.T.R.O.N.G. blog not knowing that it was not only a message for the physical body but the spirit man as well.   If you haven't had a chance to read it then let me fill you in and you can go back and read it later.  Long story short, I was feeling extremely tired and I was over eating (not bad things necessarily minus the chicken salad and the Wasa Crackers that I so kindly neglected to include in yesterday's message) and I was literally trying to figure why I was eating nonstop and then it happened the Holy Spirit pulled the switch and it was an enlightening moment.  Dehydration.  My mind was looking for that filler while my body was trying to get a higher intake of water extracting it from the fruits and food I was consuming.  You gotta know,  that's the Holy Spirit because to be honest in the past I wouldn't have thought for more than two seconds on why I am eating so much? Never mind that I wouldn't have been considering grapes, apples and bananas.  Having some knowledge from working in an ER and in a hospital environment I knew the signs of dehydration and really felt the symptoms when walking with my kids.  I was going down!  I was so thirsty that it was getting difficult to walk home, my veins were bulging in my hands, my lips were so chapped and to top it off, it was a fall day that was 90 degrees.   So the correlation between persistent food picking and dehydration made sense after all.  This morning the Holy Spirit led me back to the blog reading it again and it wasn't finished, which sparks the question about Spiritual Dehydration.  

You know that statement: this person (<- insert slang there) is thirsty.  Well it doesn't mean that they are in need of water, let's just put it that way.  A street slang for calling someone thirsty means that they are just chasing everything with their tongue out or a better way of putting it is that they are desperate.  Thirsty also means, a need for a drink.  Well there are physical symptoms of someone who is thirsty vs. someone who is dehydrated.  Take a look at these examples.  A dry tongue, chapped lips, dry throat, fatigue, palpitations, brittle hair or nails that break constantly, drawn in or sunken in eyes; these are all signs of dehydration. If you recognize someone who is healthy you can see that the face is a little fuller around the eyes, their appearance is vibrant, and they are able to speak without frequent interruptions due to physical responses such as forgetfulness or even dry mouth which prohibits annunciation which can be tell tale signs that something is medically wrong.  Now look at it from a spiritual standpoint. Someone who is spiritually dehydrated is what one could call thirsty in the slang kind of way (If that makes sense to you)  They chase everything that everyone else is throwing around accept for the word that is in their Bible.  Now they have become desperate and start to look elsewhere for the word of God other than the source Himself.  A person who is dehydrated spiritually has a dry tongue, nothing to say other than what is stuck on the roof of their mouth.  Meaning whatever they ate last or something old.  There is no new revelation because they haven't been in the word.  Chapped lips means your mouth is closed and your not testifying to whom you serve.  A dry throat means the word is not coming out with ease because it hasn't been watered enough for it to spring forth.  Fatigue and lethargy means that you have fainted in prayer and have not remained hydrated because prayer is where you gain your physical and spiritual strength.  I pose this question to the body of Christ, are you thirsty or do you show signs of dehydration?  

Look at it from another angle-  you have a garden which needs to be tended too.  You have the soil all prepared and the season is right.  You break up the soil and sow your seeds expecting a harvest.  The sun's conditions are right for the season but since its hotter than expected you know that in order for the garden to flourish you need extra water.  A little more water keeps the ground moist, the seed secure to take root and eventually a crop will be produced.  But, when the ground is dried up the soil is no longer rich looking with that dark color but turns to a clay colored brown and gets broken up as it separates exposing the seed or the immature harvest.   To the Church--  are you thirsty or dehydrated.  How did the ground become clay when we stand on the firm foundation that is so rich.  Where is passion to water the ground, to tend to the garden and the harvest of the kingdom?   The ground and foundation can not be miry clay but firm---   The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.  Consistently, hands in the air looking for the harvest but never watered the ground according to the conditions.   How is it possible?

How is it possible that so many have nothing new to say but a regurgitated message.   Let me explain in the body what happens and I will tell you what happens in The Body (meaning the body of Christ) In the body, your brain will send signals that you are either thirsty or hungry and well you do what you want with those signals.  Some over eat while others don't eat, some take heed to unhealthy habits and others continue going on doing the same thing.  When your body is dehydrated it is up to you to give it what it needs, but if you don't - just know that you can continue on for a short period of time; your body finds ways to extract water from what it is that you are in taking in order to sustain on low energy but you will start to feel the physical effects which can be minimal to severe depending on how long you ignored this issue and eventually suffer from some pretty severe medical issues as a result.  It is the same thing spiritually, if you choose not to stay filled with the living waters your spirit will thirst and when it becomes dehydrated your physical man does things that your spirit man would not do.  You become tired and you faint. So you stop going to prayer, you stop reading your word, you find reasons on why Sunday is just enough when once so zealous to be there for every meeting.  You say whatever comes to mind because somewhere along the line, the spirit man got weak and no longer are you operating by the spirit and in the spirit but by your flesh.  See where this is headed.  Either way, both conditions spiritually and physically can lead to becoming incapacitated.
1 Samuel 3:1-  And the child Samuel ministered unto the Lord before Eli.  And the word of the Lord was precious in those days, there was no open vision.  There was no open vision, the word was rare in those days.  The body of Christ needs to go from thirsty to heavy hydration and quickly.   There is an upside to your thirst.  If you are expending energy, meaning you are doing something, you will require a higher in take.  If you ever been an athlete of some sort or in the gym you know the more you work out or expend the energy the hungrier you become and the more water you need to take in.  This is because your metabolism is picking up.  The good thing is that spiritually it is the same thing, your spiritual metabolism has increased and therefore you are expending what has been ingested;  it needs to be replenished and typically you will need more than usual.  God is creating the evolution of the church with the people who are going to hunger and thirst constantly to be filled, expend, refilled and fueled for what He is doing.  If you're doing more, GOOD, you have to have a higher in take, if you're not doing more and dehydrated then you need to open your Bible and start moistening those lips.  A shut mouth doesn't get fed. Boom!

 According to Mathew 5:6, "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled." John 4:14, " Whoever drinks of this water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life."  The source is waiting for you."

Over and over again, the word of the Lord speaks of the famine in the land, what if, what if that famine was the word of God?  How could you sustain, how could you get by.  God raised up a prophet to hear, see and speak the word of the Lord because the word was rare in those days.   People- the evolution of the church is coming and is happening NOW.  You have NO CHOICE but to thirst after the word and be filled because there will be a day when the Lord cometh and no man can work.  The same for the 10 virgins, only 5 kept oil consistently in their lanterns and were ready when the bridegroom came.   Do not allow yourself to become spiritually dehydrated to the point of fainting, unable to open your mouth.  

So what's happening in the body-  The head of The Body is Christ-  He is sending the signals to you- His other parts are experiencing thirst while some a dehydrate. As He moves, The Body needs to be fully charged and energized for the next move of God but can only be if they are fueled and healthy.  There is no coincidence that Christ is not only speaking of your spirit man but your physical man as well.  You are His vessel and He is on the move and when it is time you MUST BE PREPARED.. And you must be able to stand and withstand.  There is no time for fainting, no time to keep your mouth shut, no time for chapped lips.   For the Lord is doing a NEW THING... Its called the Evolution of the church and you need to be prepared.  As you expend, refuel, refill, if you are hungrier or thirstier than usual keep eating and drinking spiritually, keep pouring and keep going because it is essential that the ways are paved and the path is made.   The Head is sending the message throughout the body- The body of Christ and the nations are experiencing the braxton hicks which can happen prematurely if the pregnant woman is not hydrated enough.  Make no mistake about the times we are in.  Get your diet right, its time for heaven upon earth and a well watered harvest.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Word Will Meet You There

Have you ever made plans and the other person says, "I'll just meet you there!"  That involves a few steps that are often overlooked.  First, make sure you both know the exact place and location, second make sure you know the time you are suppose to meet up, third a list of directions (or instructions for that matter) and then agreement.   I'll just meet you there is a little more complicated than it sounds.  Better yet, what happens when you misplace your phone or left it in the house and you have to find your party?  What do you rely on?  (And no in this case you can not go to the hospitality desk or concierge counter and ask your party to be paged overhead- I did that to my mother in Bradlees and needless to say when they asked what your mother's name is I said, uh mommy- yup that was front end store embarrassment and I left without an Icee and pretzel.) Can I propose that this is bigger than Bradlees and even bigger than your own plans for your life; its who you are in Christ and what that means to the world.  

John 14," Do not let your hearts be troubled, You believe in God, believe also in me.  My Father's house has many rooms if that were not so would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.  You know the place where I am going" Jesus says to His disciples. Thomas was bold- I think the other disciples had the same question but didn't want to ask just yet, but Thomas asked, " Lord, we don't know where you are going so how can we know the way? While this passage describes eternal life what if you were to look at this passage relative to time rather than eternity?  

Which sparks the question what is relative time and absolute time and how does that compare to where you are now to where it is that you are going.   You see relative time according to Newton is what the human perceives as time in motion, by objects moving (the idea of the sun and moon indicate the change of time between day and night)  while absolute time exists independently and progresses at a constant rate and can not be perceived from a human perspective but can be explained through mathematics.  Hmm?  So that means there is an equation for time that is relative to now which means there are variables for the equation that offsets relative time to make it absolute.  God's time table is already established which means you are not the product but you are a variable.   You see again back to biblical mathematics the product is heaven upon earth.  You are a variable that is strategically placed - at a certain time a certain place for a specific purpose.  

Ask your self this?  Do you know the way?  Do you know where you are going?  Do you know how you are going to get there?  The Lord  says, I'll just meet you there and instruct you. He tells us Psalm 32:8 that He will instruct us and counsel us in the way that you should with his loving eye on us. Jesus responds to Thomas with, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."   

John 1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.   In Genesis God sent forth the word with creative breath and created the heavens and earth and made a distinction between day and night.  Everything that God created was fueled by distinction and word. Jesus is the word and Jesus is the way- so you mean to tell me the word is the way?  Yes. Absolutely is.  You see, as a little girl in Bradlees I'm sure that I was told to pay attention or don't go to the toy isle or stop hitting your brother and somewhere along the line the instruction was no longer clear.  So while I was doing my own thing I no longer heard the instruction (or maybe my mother never gave it us and just assumed we were smarter than that- her bad) and then when it came time to find my mother I had lost my way; so much so that it prompted me to rely on instinct and run to the front and and get saved but I didn't have all the information, so someone had to coach me.  It was only when I was able to give a little more of me (my information that is) was someone able to call out and seek my parent.  

You see, the Lord gives all instructions its called the BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)- His word is the way.  The Lord has specific instructions to your unique qualities and "qwerkiness" which are variables that are used in a strategic setting, location and time in order for the absolute to be fulfilled.  If you diligently seek him, and seek Him with your whole heart, you will find Him.  There He has a list of instructions to guide you on the path of righteousness so that you are filled and fueled for your journey. 

 The Lord requires obedience not just as a sign of worship but so that when time aligns with motion (inertia)- you are where you're supposed to be in accordance to absolute time which means divine moments that lead to destiny.  When the Lord instructs you to be somewhere, go somewhere or to do something its because the word will meet you there.  Elisha had to be in alignment with Elijah to catch the prophetic mantle.  Joseph obeyed the voice of the angel and kept Mary as his wife so that when they journeyed during Mary's final days of pregnancy Jesus was born in the place and time that was already set up in time according to scripture.  It was Abraham who had to pack up and leave and go to the unfamiliar yet prepared place that God had for him.  You see, in all three instances the "is" already "was".  It already happend- you just haven't experienced it yet because relative time which is the human perception can never perceive absolute time.  The instruction is based on foresight as to what is already established.  Case in point, the word was sent forth- it proceedeth out of the mouth of God and interacted with time  to meet an individual at a specific point in time.  Isaiah 55:11, "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth.  It shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."   The word has been sent forth regarding you but you see you have to know the Lord to walk in The Way, to see the lit path and follow the light and there you will interact with The Word. 

You just gotta get up and go! Take your instructions with you and just know that if you ever lost your way or have made a few mistakes-- just like Bradlees you can go to the front and give them your information and ask the Lord to instruct you once again, but you can only do that when you acknowledge that you are lost.  Remember only when you know you are lost will you be found; for the word is not hidden accept to those that are lost.   Be encourage He has come for the lost- which means He will lead you to Him no matter where you are.  There is a purpose for you and in you far greater than you know or can imagine.

"Stay diligent, stay faithful.  When the Lord instructs you to do something, or be somewhere  be obedient and steadfast because The Word will meet you there."


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Will you stand?

Will you stand?

Just ask yourself the question, will you stand?  Many don't realize what that implies and will quickly respond with a yes, but the Lord wants to know will you stand?  The Lord is asking His people will you stand? Will you stand even in persecution, will stand even in affliction, if things don't turn out the way you thought? Will you stand if I say No?  Will you stand if all hell comes against you?  Will you stand alone?

Will you stand when I come with raging judgement?  Will you stand in the fire?  Will you stand?  The Lord continues to repeat will you stand because not all of the people's heart are towards Him.  He is looking for a generation that will seek His face, a generation that will stand for the evolution of the church, a generation that will stand in the preparation of the grounds for the coming of the King.  Most say that they will stand, but the Lord has tested those who have been burned in the fire, the Lord has watched the mockery and the Lord has noted those who quickly buckled.  There are those who became the devil's advocate and stood but on the wrong side.  So He asks His people again, will you stand?   Whom will you serve? 

All works will be tested by fire.  1 Corinthians 3:13 NIV, "...their work will be shown for what it is, because the day will bring it to light.  It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person's work.  If what  has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward.  If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved- even though only as one escaping through the flames."  1Corinthian 3:11, For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. 

So again, the Lord wants to know will you stand when what you say is unpopular, will you stand in persecution or in accusation?  For the Lord is raising up a remnant that has been charged with the reformation of the church to holiness and righteousness for the evolution of the church. 

"I am preparing the people as a way of a warning to them. For my desire is to see them saved and have the full knowledge and understanding of Who I am and not who they think I am.  I have come to reveal the mystery of the word but ears have been closed and eyes have been blinded.  Will one walk in instruction if they can not hear, will one know who to follow if they can not see.  I have come to open the eyes of the blind, and removed the hardened wax from the ear so that this generation may hear my voice.  My voice is like thunder and soft like a whisper but the word is the impact and where it impacts is where I am.  I will no longer tolerate the miry clay and sword for the word that is defiled will be revealed and so will those who teach it.  I am bringing all things to light even regarding those who have been charged to teach and have desecrated the word, I am uncovering the thieves, and revealing the false prophets.  My house is still the house of prayer and will be as such.   I have given many much time to repent but the deceiver has hardened their heart, I have sent my messengers but they did not receive them, the prophet has spoken and they have turned their ear, I am coming soon and coming with a sword, I am coming and will not withhold judgement toward the wickedness.  I say to you repent, I say to you repent, for when I come I will come with judgement.  I am giving my people a warning.  Take heed to the word."  Thus says the Lord. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Product of Biblical Multiplication

July 17, 2017 (07/17/17)
Reference Scriptures:
Revelations 7:17
Isaiah 49:10
Mark 6:7
Psalms 50
Matthew 28:18
Psalms 72 / 148 / 114

In grade school we learned that the sum of two numbers is a result of addition.  How many can recall what the result of a multiplication problem is called?  Don't feel bad, I had to google to make sure I was correct-- its been awhile.  The result of a multiplication problem is called a product. So when you add something its just the sum but when you multiply something a product is created?  Lets stick with multiplication as it further describes the kingdom of Heaven and gives a greater revelation of what most have seen in the text.  Multiplication and mathematics is relevant even in scripture. 
The product that we are discussing is heaven upon earth. 

Mark 6:7 7Calling the Twelve to him, he began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over impure spirits. (12 disciples sent out 2x2) So mathematically we look at this at 2x2=4 . The number 4 is creation / God created the universe through creativity / breathe- 
The disciples went out 2x2 for 2 reasons-  1st: To bare witness for one another because in order for the testimony to withstand it needed to be validated by 2 or more people.  2nd: Two is better than one; 2 can chase 10,000 (especially since the text says that He called the disciples and gave them authority over impure spirits)
The first product revealed in Mark 6 is the Disciple the second product is creation / creativity and the 3rd product is authority

Now the disciple not only represents a follower of Christ but by the defining text of Mark 6 the disciple represents a person who has been given authority and the power of Christ.  Power and Authority are two governing words.  Remember "The Kingdom of Heaven is not of word but of POWER" Which means the disciples represent government.  The biblical number for government / disciple is represented by 12.  So now the equation changes from 2x2 to 12x12.  Ok without your calculator what is 12x12----   (cue in Jeopardy music-- 5 secs)  if you couldn't do it without a calculator shame on you !!   12x12 = 144-  Now keep in mind the 144 as its applicable to Revelations. 

Go to Psalms 50---  Psalms 50 is spoken with a voice of judgement to His people.  He reminded the people that He does not need their sacrifices as he owns everything already.  Psalms 50:10-  for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.  God owns everything clearly stated.  Now reading Psalms 50:1-6 God is summoning His people -  "He summons the Heaven above and the earth so that He may judge His people"  ..    Look at the cattle on a thousand hills.   We the people are God's sheep--  sheep are His cattle...   Now look at 1,000 hills.   What does a hill represent biblically?  Hills according to Psalm 72:3- Hills of Righteousness Psalms 148:9 Praise Jehova ye mountains and hills. Psalms 114:4-6 The Hills likes the sons of the flock.  Back to this statement: God owns everything -So if the cattle is defined as his sheep and His sheep know His voice and follow no other than His sheep are His disciples. The cattle are the disciples on 1000 hills.  Here's another math problem:

12x12-  The disciples that went out two by two = 144.  Take the 144 and multiple it by 1000 hills-  144,000.  According to Revelations 7 the 144,000 derive from the 12 tribes of Israel 12,000 from each tribe- These are those that are chosen - They were sealed and served God day and night. 

Look closely at Hills and how they are defined.   Hill of Righteousness / Praise / son of the flock.  This defines praise and worshippers; those that are born again in the righteousness in and of Christ Jesus while Sons of the flock can be looked at as two things... The children of God or Sons which is identified as a servant in the kingdom such as a Pastor.  

John 4:23 23Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

Revelations 7:17- "For the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them to living fountains of water and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."  These are those that have been chosen.  

So what is the relevance of all this math?  Well God is showing you the end times through mathematics - He is showing you His elect and how He chose them for THE GREAT COMMISSION Matthew 28:18 states that all the power and authority has been given to Jesus.   The product is heaven upon earth.  Through praise / worship / creativity /  and the living fountains (which can be defined the prophetic word). 

Taking it one step further for all of those who are about to get religious on me and say noo no noo.. Look at 144,000 according to Revelations.  Revelations states that 144,000 are from the tribe of Israel. How can one know the genealogy accept for God--  further more is there a pure blood line still left?  I would bank on saying no--  that while 144,000 represent God's chosen in accordance to the end times--  the tribe of Israel is represented not by blood line but by the definition of the name--
God's army is defined by the name- 12,000 of each kind of disciple will be raised up "For a time such as this"
Judah-  to praise and give thanks (Praisers)
Reuben- the Lord looked upon on my afflictions ("many are the afflictions of the righteous") / seeing (The afflicted for Christ sake)
Gad- a troop comes (The army of the Lord / prayer warriors)
Asher- blessed (those who are blessed to be a blessing)
Naphtali- to wrestle / entwine with (intercessors); give good words (to pronounce blessings)
Simeon- hearing; obedient and listening (worshippers / obedience)
Levi- to be joined; attached or pledge (those He brings together for kingdom purpose)
Issachar- There is a reward; employee / wages - financial pillar
Zebulun- to honor or dwelling with husband (The bridegroom)
Joseph- The Lord will add a son (Children of God)
Benjamin- Son of the right hand (Who is Christ alone)
Dan- God is judge (Raising up of end time Judges / Prophets)

Now is the time- prepare the way for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and the product is Heaven upon earth!!   The Lord is calling His people into action-  Activating the army! 


Friday, April 21, 2017

What is your WHY?

What is your WHY? (Credits owed to Motiversity)

That epic battle between Jacob and the angel took all night.  But I believe the night is not only a time of day but is metaphoric in our lives.  You see the night represents darkness and to fight your way through the night denotes endurance and perseverance through the darkest days. The fight to see the light the breaking of day or dawn.  What is the Y-- why do you get up and fight every day, why do you have a heart beat, what is your impulse, what charges you?  All of this defines you and who you are, the igniting flame that kick starts a fire inside in order for you to create a fire and flame everywhere you go.   When you are able to set  a fire, you bring light from deep within, and everywhere you go, you set it off.   That statement alone, is enough to get a visual that states YOU are here for a REASON... 

The Lord has come to baptize in fire, and once He ignites you it is purpose, greater in you that will keep the flame going.  Your WHY (look at these two words together- YourWHY-   Looks like Yahweh YHWY) The tetragrammaton is the abbreviation for God, which means "to be"  "to exist" "to cause or become".  Your why won't be defined by materialistic things, but must be defined by where your passion lies, and what lies within, why you exist.  Truth:  You exist only because of the grace of God, you exist for His purpose, you exist only because He permits your existence.  So if you are not operating in your why than you are not living but simply existing.  A life without purpose, is a life without destination. 

Picture the scene in the Bible where the 3 Hebrew boys when into the fiery furnace, and when it got hotter, a fourth man arose and it was Christ who kept them.  Now take a look within your deepest self and see that fire in your belly and see that flame rising on the inside, because that's where your spirit man lies, NOW see Christ ARISE as He did in the fiery furnace.  Its the flame on the inside that not only protects the treasure but also burns away everything that has buried it.   The radiant light comes from Christ within that unlocks the gift.   Get ready because you are a fire starter.  You wrestled and you won.  Set a fire and a flame for Christ.  He is calling you out to start a blazing trail.   This is the generation of trail blazers, this is the generation of Elijah, call on the God who answers by fire and watch the power of the Living God erupt through you. 

That stirring, the boiling inside of you that produces a bubble, it is the flame of the Lord under the pot of water that is welled up within that causes a reaction to bubble and overflow. Like a fountain, the pressurized system pushes the water up in order for it to overflow, but the pressure must remain consistent so that gravity is defied.  Hallelujah....     

  The energy built up is purpose roaring to get out.  It is the lion(ess) that is within four walls that is pacing and internally roaring.  The Lord has created the Lion to roar to send out the signal which means he's hungry.   The lion does not stop until it is satisfied.  Hallelujah.  Look at the Lion of Judah, in battle the Lion goes up first to let out that war cry, that praise that doesn't stop until something happens.  Its the same in you, its the Lion inside that says these four walls can't hold you back. (And the walls are figurative).  Its time to be boundless.

We speak about seed and harvest, pulse and impulse, your pulse defines impulse.  Your pulse is your heart beat and how quick or slow for that matter it goes, and your impulse is the action or reaction to situation.   Define your beat.  Somewhat unfortunate if ever noticed, (hahahaha I can laugh at myself) but I can't clap and stomp on beat consistently; I have to look out of my peripheral vision to the person next to me to get on beat and forget it if they start with the double clap and the wave and getting all fancy with it.  Don't ask, I guess it has to do with me being multiracial, only some of me got rhythm but the moral of the story is I get thrown off.  You see, its not meant for us to look at everyone's pulse because we all don't have the same impulse or beat.  Sometimes you have to learn to dance to the beat of your own drum and know that even when your are off beat, your pulse still flows and actually your right on. 

Jesus taught us that.  He has not come to be traditional, but intentionally radical.  His methodology and ministry did not meet the outline of the norm and definitely didn't conform to what others thought it should be.  He did things differently, He spoke in their language although many could not understand because well, they were simply not ready for His pulse, they didn't want to understand simply because of who it came from, not because of what was said.  They couldn't handle it, they didn't see it and they didn't want to see it.  Because if they did, they would have to acknowledge the Son of God.  The life and ministry of Christ defines the unusual, the natural that could not be explained because what He does is supernatural.  You see, everything inside of you points to Christ, everything!! 

Your WHY =  YHWY = defines I AM

The Lion roar on the inside =  LION OF JUDAH-

IMPULSE = a reaction- but when the words are separated IM (I AM) =  Jesus   PULSE =  seed =  JESUS = THE WORD (ImPulse-  Jesus is the seed, the word) Its not pointing to you or me, it points to Jesus!

The Fountain =  THE WORD = Jesus = LIFE is from the water  =  Truth

FIRE= HOLY SPIRIT -  Flame of Jesus = LIGHT of the EARTH

YOUR Purpose is CHRIST---    The kingdom agenda that is within will come through you--  the beat of the drum just ushers in the presence of the all mighty God, it prepares the way with a roar, and consuming fire, to trail blaze and make an impact.  IT IS YOUR WHY!! 

Let the fountain spring up and purpose drive, let you be ignited by your passion and let the Lord have his way.  It is time to RISE, it is time for you to get up and do something, the power is in your voice.  The Lion is in your voice, the fountain will come from your voice, and the pressurized system will bring it forth.  Prepare ye the way...   Because its time for reformation, its time for trail blazers to RISE, its time for FIRE STARTERS to RISE, its time for you to be activated by the hand of GOD and for purpose!  THY KINGDOM COME LORD, YOUR WILL BE DONE!  Prepare ye the way, for the LORD IS COMING!  He is calling HIS army into activation. 

If you don't know your purpose, its only because you don't know the LORD- and if you don't know the Lord then make a conscious decision to get to know Him.  All you have to do is call on HIM and He will answer you, those are His promises.  Knock and the door shall open--   If you are not saved and want salvation, just ask.  Confess, Father I am a sinner, I need you and I desire salvation.  I turn away from my past and former ways, I repent of all my sins, forgive me Father.  I believe that you Jesus are the Son of God, the word wrapped in flesh, and you took upon the cross for my sins.  You shed your blood of Calvary for me, you were crucified and resurrected on the 3rd day.  You are the resurrected King.  Lord, grant me salvation in your name.    Seek Him, because in finding Him, You will find you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I always had a fascination with oriental art, maybe its because my grandmother loved it and maybe because my father loved those horribly dubbed Chinese movies where the mouth was moving in one direction and the words were not matching up..  I don't know what it is but there is something about the art form, the textures in the stroke, the textiles they use, the oyster shells and glass that is so delicate and powerful and impacting, or maybe its the strong meaning behind something that appears so delicate.  For instance, I love Bonsai trees and Cherry Blossoms in the spring.  I have this new found love not so much for the beauty of the art, but the meaning of the art which is really the beauty in it.  The beauty is in the meaning and what it represents not so much the object.    The Bonsai tree is mini in stature and is very delicate, the Bonsai is not a species of tree but an art form that is produce by the careful pruning of the tree and reflects the connectedness of life and respect for the beauty of nature.  ( I have to give it to Ehow for that one because that was all them...  but so eloquently stated that you look at the tree differently now)  The Cherry blossom represents power and love.  The Cherry Blossoms were planted after wars to represent what comes after war.  The beauty after the ashes.   Its incredible how you can see God in everything if you just take a moment to see God first, then his creations are no longer a mystery but yet a piece to a puzzle that he connects so that you see Him in everything.  Revelations 4:11,  "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."   Either way you look at these trees they had to go through a pruning, a time of loss, shedding, planting, process and bloom. 

There is something birthed in the season to reveal the greater meaning of the bigger plan.  You have to be willing to be processed to be birthed.  You see, the Bonsai is just a tree but its the art form of the careful pruning that brings out the beauty of the delicateness.  This is not indicating frailty but the ability to be pruned, to demonstrate the respect of life and connectedness to life is the quintessential essence of what Christ does for us.  Behold, we have been made new, formed in His image, that is the true meaning of "worship in beauty of holiness".  Holiness comes with pruning, sanctification, purification so in order to be connected to life we have to be pruned.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life...    The Cherry blossom is just a tree but when planted after war it brings beauty, you can only appreciate true beauty when all you have seen is the war- other wise its just common. 
Our lives in Christ parallel this image whether it be through a tree, through a tunnel or through the eyes of a spiritual mirror its really all the same.  This is not about a physical transformation but more or less referencing the realm of the soul and the transformation and renewing of the mind.  The ground work starts in your heart but the maintenance is in your mind.  The internal war exists at times to deconstruct an image that was created by the masks of the world and to reconstruct from the ground up, meaning the foundation of who we are must be built of the foundation of the earth which is the word of God.  See the beauty, made new to be created in His image- just like the cherry blossom.  Your ways consist of the battle of the old you dying to self and the new you emerging and then there are external disasters that occur which impact the internal war.  Your going to experience the pain and the brokenness- its a requirement.  In order for the light to get in you have to be broken, in order to RISE you must first go low and by low I mean deep.                                                         

"If you are willing to take the challenge to RISE then be prepared to go low, really low, because only out of the ashes will you RISE.
It is only then do we hear the depth of our soul in the solitude of our own being without the noise, learning to function through the sifting of the voices and the reality of who we are on the inside"

This is a process where you can no longer reach back, you have to keep your eyes guarded and your mind focused because any withdrawal from process is like drawing up liquid through a straw only to let it go back down the straw.  The energy expended to draw out can not compare to the lack of energy used for something to go back in.  You've been pulled out-- you've been separated-- its the drawing out that could be painful, because the realization of what we became over time is too shameful or even the understanding that we must face a perfect God, and he loves us anyhow-  No more depression to take away the joy, no more fear that prevents you from success, no more being afraid to experience life, no more succumbing to people's opinions of you, no more walking around in a false image to fit in, no more feeling good enough, but being worthy to be called His, His perfect love cast out fear, His love that said you were worth dying for.  We can only overcome the old self by allowing God to make us new to be the best version of us that we can be for His glory and that is by dying to self and trusting the Lord.  

Philippians 3:8-16New International Version (NIV)
What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in[a] Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith. 10 I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, 11 and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead.
12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. 13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.   

"Renew your mind daily focusing on the day at hand and what is in front of you so that you can enter your bright future rather than your darkened past.   If babies can’t go back into the birth canal then you can’t go back into the tunnel.  Get out! Get out and run with the vision before you. I say to you RUN that race…  Here is a starting point, forget yoga, forget that foo-foo new age hypnotic  stuff, get in the face and presence of God and ask him to minister to you.  Start with fasting, give him your sacrifice and He will give you His thoughts.  Jeremiah 33:3 -Call on me and I will answer thee and show you great and mighty things that you do not know.  The New Living Translation says it like this, call on me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.  That word change makes a big difference on how you read that scripture.  Mighty things can have a very loose translation, but unsearchable means that it unable to be clearly understood.  Which means in order to find out who you are and what you are purposed to do you must know your creator.   How incredible, that God will reveal to you who He is so that you know who you are, and ultimately when you see who you are created to be, then will you have true understanding on why it is important to conform to His will and not your own.  It all starts with two words The Truth.  I emphasize that because in order to know truth you have to know The Truth and that is the Lord himself, Christ. "

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Carried through to get to

Carried Through to Get to

If your going up the river without a paddle then you are good place and don't even know it.  I know this statement has a negative connotation to the world--  To the world its means you're in deep trouble and your situation is quite hopeless  (If you are a believer in Christ then you know, you are not of this world; you're just in it, and you don't think the way the world thinks-- so before you think negatively, take a step back and remember God's view not world view)--  biblically, being sent up the river  was world changing, life shaping and it was ordained by God.  The Israelites were growing in population and at the threat of taking over Egypt - Pharaoh called for the babies to be killed to control the population.  Jochebed, Mose's mother heeded the word of the Lord and placed Moses in a basket-  In Hebrew, Moses basket was known as an ark-  She took the baby and the basket and sent him up the river (without a paddle) where he was found by Pharaoh's daughter.  This was the beginning of the life of Moses.  Raised in a culture that was not his, assimilating to an environment that he thought he belonged in but when he found out the truth something inside of him was ignited.  Moses grew and became disillusioned when He found out that His identity was not of an Egyptian but of a Jew.

  I submit that the disillusion was not based on the inability to identify;  but rather all of the years that He lived in the world that did not speak to who He was, living a lie.  Angered by the maltreatment of His people He murdered an Egyptian guard and went into the wilderness for 40 years.  This was a sign-  there was a warrior inside of Moses ready to slay everything that oppressed who he really was, and that is of the "chosen people"-  The seed of the deliverer was planted.  It started from birth.   His mother in essence delivered him-  In Hebrew Jochebed means God's glory; honorable.   She heard the voice of the Lord and sent her baby up the river not knowing that he was actually sent there by GOD'S GLORY.  Moses is actually Mosche and it means "drew out"  or in Egyptian means "son".  Now if Moses is a seed, he was sent in the river which watered the seed- which means when he (the son) was sent up the river he was being carried through and sent by "God's Glory" .

Destined from birth to be a deliverer of his people.    Moses left the wilderness and went forth ill equipped in his own strength but with the Glory of God as noted in his face to face encounter his human inability became God's ability to work through Moses.  You see, your inabilities are opportunities for God's ability to work through you- its not in your strength but in the supernatural power of God almighty.  Moses was ill prepared in speech but was given a staff and that's all He needed.  The rod was the authority of God to deliver.  Psalms 23, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, your rod and staff comfort me."

Now, lets take a look at this: The Israelites were growing hungry and thirsty- Moses was commanded to smite the rock in order to draw water from it.  The Rod (authority of God ) smites the rock (foundation of the earth) to draw out water (which represents life) profound that one statement, "up the river" could have such an impact on Christianity.  The authority of God strikes the foundations to draw out life??  Huh, what do you mean-  By God's authority a foundation is shaken.  Something has to be broken- in order for it to produce.  In order to consider a pregnant woman in active labor, her water breaks.  When the night is transitioning into day its called breaking of day, because the light pushes through the clouds- In order to a sow a seed there is a breaking of the ground, or threshing in order for something to be produce.  Look at it this way-- By God's authority, the rock - our Savior Jesus was stricken, bruised for our iniquity and crucified so that we might have life and life more abundantly and ultimately eternal life. 

The old identity has been shaken away, its gone-- Everything that was a lie about the true you is gone.  You might stutter and not have the right words-- but that's just another opportunity for God to show Himself strong THRU you-   There is something inside that God has placed in you rising up to do something you have never done before.  The seas have been parted and you are walking through.  You have been saved for what you are called for- You might not see yourself as prepared but like God spoke to Moses instructing him to keep his arms raised with the staff over his head.  The authority of God is from above and your arms raised means that you have surrendered to the will of the Father because the battle is not yours-- its the Lords-- Your surrender to His perfect will for your life means that there will always be victory over the oppressor.   

Look back at this very relative point:  The ark not only represents the basket, but Noah's ark and the Ark of Covenant --  The ark built by Noah as an act of faith to the word of God that kept him, his family and 2 of every animal safe during the flooding of the world.  It was only after the ark stopped after 40 days on the mountain did Noah send out the "dove"  that brought back an olive branch 7 days later--  Moses the same baby sent up the river eventually  met God on Mount Sinai for 40 days -  -- Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days...  You see, being sent up the river is not the critical part-- but what made it possible to arrive is the pinnacle point-- The ark in each instance represented:  Noah's ark -- The way through a world that was being flooded. Something that was created by God for his Glory for mankind--  Moses' ark -- from baby to old man eventually brought him to a place of revelation and truth to deliver those out of bondage, receiving God's commandments for His people and then the Ark of the Covenant -- The Mercy Seat, the atonement and ultimately the grace of God.

You see-- every time you are sent up the river without a paddle (in the worldly sense--  when you think you are headed for disaster remember this)  The way, The Truth and the Life ( The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit) The Shepard The Rod and the Staff--  will always carry you through.  That is when the Father does His best work in you and through you--  There is a point in life when nothing or no one can help, its only by the mighty hand of God that carry you through-- The will of God will never take you to the place where the grace of God won't keep you. 

God is drawing out His Sons and Daughters and raising them up for His glory.  There is going to be an out pour of His spirit and His presence being made manifest upon the world.  He is preparing the way for His return and drawing those now.   For His Glory.. For His Kingdom WILL come and HIS WILL, BE DONE...  Every spiritual baby and purpose and plan of God placed in you to be birthed will be-- as Moses was in the water and the river--  The spiritual pregnancy is carried by the living waters that flow from within---   Its time to press through and seek His face for what is inside of you that you are carrying.  PUSH because  Its time for you to deliver---  

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast- it leads us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary"  Hebrews 6:19

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Interpersonal systems are relative to circumstance

One's understanding is relative to the circumstance but depth allows you to not just perceive but know something different. Depth and Dimension is vision ..
Vision = Goal...

Continuing the concept of the goal attainment theory the second system is interpersonal. Interpersonal is defined by the concept of communication- information given from one person to another via face to face, written, television, or airwaves. Interaction- observed behaviors. Role- characteristics of give and take: learned, social,complex or situational. Stress- a dynamic state where human beings interact in the environment to develop, perform and grow.  Transaction- which is defined as a goal directed human behavior.

The great transaction happend three times in the Bible. Jesus preaching / teaching and healing ministry, the crucifixion and finally the resurrection  (which led to the descending of the Holy Spirit but that's not human behavior..)

The most important part of interaction is communication. Communication is defined as a connection verbal and nonverbal.  God communicates with us through His Word, the Word wrapped in flesh, who came to show us The Way.   (John 1:14) Jesus often communicated in parables because the mystery of the Kingdom could not be revealed until an appointed time. The Word would reveal itself- therefore The Word reveals Himself through us.

A little wordmatics for you.  COMMUNICATION( IS A CONNECTION) + GOAL = TRANSACTION (IS A DIRECTED HUMAN BEHAVIOR ).  Remember the 3 greatest transactions! Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done...GOAL!  The goal is to prepare the ground by preaching the gospel to the nations.  The connections are just as important to Kingdom as is the human behavior and role.

God has designed, formed and fashioned you uniquely for a time such as this. The communication we keep with one another is essential for the energy to connect in order to create the powerful force that will accomplish the will of Christ.

As Jesus taught his disciples (role) the process was defined by action and reactions and interaction.  The same three processes that one uses to evaluate the personal system.  The action, reaction and interaction is from social, learned, complex and situational opportunities .  It was evident that the ability to communicate differed between the disciples.  Vastly due to occupation, social status and education; but what should be noted is that as a disciple all were equal as they were servants.  Yes, disqualified were qualified and it was a mixture of people.  Jesus didn't come for the qualified.. He came to qualify the disqualified. (Matthew 9:11-13) (Luke 5:32)

Often when Jesus taught it was on a mountain. Actually, the mountain was very significant in many scenes in the Bible. Why a mountain, why refer to a large rock or mass of earth so many times and make it a reference point.  It was on the mountain top where Noah's ship landed and he sent a dove out to find life..  Jesus was led to a mountain top to be tempted, He taught on a mountain, He eventually died on the mountain and rose again on the mountain!
Mountains represent large earth mass that can not be moved, rather difficult to climb and more so optional rather than mandatory, the mountain also represents elevation. Knowledge (He taught) (Proverbs 1: 2-5) is the key to elevation, perseverance and endure (His trial), and finally rise.. What I like about the definition of the mountain is that its defined as a mass.. well relative to that is the equation for dimension mass length and time. Force times distance = work. When you multiple force and distance you get work, simply stating all that is in you must go the distance to see God work!  Its not our force, the kingdom is not of word but of Power.. The presence of power is the presence of God.

Jesus went up to that mountain and taught those disciples that it was time to rise, going up a mountain takes endurance and strength, learning is a combination of need and desire. Remember role is defined as characteristics of give and take through learned, social, complex or situational interactions.  Each disciple went up the mountain not knowing what was given to them because it was yet to be applied. The only  information from the Father that was directly given to Peter was when Jesus asked who do you say that I am.  Why do you think that was, when every other time the word came from The word (Jesus) Himself.  Because its not who you say you are, its who God says you are!!!


You are unique in every way.. You are designed for greatness.  When Life touches the treasure deep within you are operating in your role because your treasure is a connection to the transaction.  Communication is more than just words, its our exchange with one another that will produce an interaction (observed behavior).

Depth and Dimension equal heights... You are more than a conquer, You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you... You've been assigned to the mountain to make it move, and if it doesn't move conquer it and over come it... Its not in your strength or in your might, but by the Power of the Living God YOU WILL RISE 



Friday, January 13, 2017

Its Personal Part 2- How did you get here?

A man surveys the beach day and night searching-  He goes from the beginning at the gate until the break of the ocean tide with no area untouched that is covered by sand.  He uses a treasure (metal) detector to alert Him where the treasure lies.  He knows that the treasure is near by the sound that the detector gives off when natural materials are found.  As He moves in closer the sound gets louder signifying the man to dig--  What lies underneath, what has been covered up for so long---  The treasure detector responds to the sounds of the life crying from underneath the surface.  

Continuing the study of the Goal Attainment theory coined by Imogene King (Imagine King) (Not her theory at all -- its called Kingdom Perspective but okay.. ) the personal system is comprised of body, image, growth, perception, space / time  and self.  In order to define those systems, each system is processed through perception, judgement, action, reaction and interaction.  All of which is necessary prior to interacting with interpersonal systems and social systems.  The previous blog we identified our self worth through Christ.  Our worth is defined by His saving power- His death and resurrection is the beginning and end of our worth, "He thought I was to die for.."  Remember there are both sides of the equation that must be evaluated.   

How did you get here?  

John 10:10  --  For the thief come to kill, steal and destroy, but I have come that you have life and life more abundantly.   

What or who has come to kill your self esteem, what or who has come to steal your joy, what or who has come to rob you of the future that God has planned for you? Better question:  Why did you allow it?  Not being able to operate in the fullness of life indicates that there is a deficit somewhere- there is an imbalance if you will.  If you see your life joyless, without abundance, and going in the same direction as it was for the last decade  or more, then I would like to submit to you that something is out of line, or simply hidden.   The presence of lack is the absence of abundance, the presence of desire means something needs to be fulfilled, the presence of anger is evidence pain. So again how did you get here and where is it that you are going?  

Its time to dig

Light can only get in when something is broken?  To find the treasure you have to break away or dig through the mounds of sands.  Our life is equivalent to beach in every way.  Life, comes from water, the beginning is the gate.  John 10:9-  The Daleth "I am the gate who ever enters through me will be saved, they will come in and go out, and find pasture." John 7:38- Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow within them."  Plainly stating that when we are broken and enter the gate He will save us, and dig to find treasure underneath that meets the brink of life. Once life touches the treasure it unlocks the box and you have now interacted with abundant life.  But you have to dig first and let him clean some thing ups to find what is under the surface.  Its time to dig the wells.  

A well is defined as a shaft shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil or gas, an enclosed space giving room or to allow light or ventilation.  In the verb tense it means to rise to the surface and spill or about to spill( to well up ).  Genesis 15: For all the wells which his father's servants had digged in the days of Abraham, the Philistine stopped them and filled them with earth.  You see the enemy comes in and fills up a place that was enriched with abundance dry up the life that was within.  Another story in the Bible - The Gospel of John 4:1-42, depicts the woman at the well who found her Life and Truth.  This well was not stopped up in fact she was drawing water at the time when she met Jesus.  Perception, judgement, action and interaction all happened here, She perceived Jesus to be the Messiah based on Truth,  judgement was perceived (but not given / she was not condemned- but was told the Truth) she interacted with the Truth acknowledging Jesus to be the Messiah and did NOT deny that He was right-  the last part was her action.  She ran into the city and told everyone of the coming of the Messiah and brought many back with her to meet him.  She could have been ashamed and hid the truth from others but she didn't -- she acknowledged it. The focus is not her sin, but rather how she dealt with it and how she was dealt with.  

You see, the truth set her free from her hidden life.  John 8:32- Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  She entered at the well seeking water, but what she got was The Way, the Truth and Life.  How many times do we not live in a life that is more abundant because we are emerged in shame of our truths.   Its time to dig the wells, its time for revival.  Its time that one evaluates their personal system and interact with the process in order to be free and live in the life that Jesus died for you to have. 

Acknowledging the truth about oneself also identifies the lies of enemy.  If you are not willing to hear the truth then you are not willing to live the life that God has for you--  Let the living waters flow and cleanse you so that you may have a discovery of what life lay underneath the layers of the world.  There is someone out there waiting for what you have but you have to be willing to release the labels, the image, the past, the untruths, and reach for Victory.  Thanks be unto God, He gives us the Victory through our Lord Christ Jesus.   You have to take the step through the gate to receive the Victory.   He is the gate, He is the way, He is the water, He is the life and He is the Victory.

Let the wells be filled with life and well up with abundance in truth, joy, happiness, love, patience, kindness, success.

"Once life touches the treasure you have now interacted with abundant life."

In Christ we have Victory!  Freedom is yours--- Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for you!!! In the words of Nina Simone-