Sunday, January 15, 2017

Interpersonal systems are relative to circumstance

One's understanding is relative to the circumstance but depth allows you to not just perceive but know something different. Depth and Dimension is vision ..
Vision = Goal...

Continuing the concept of the goal attainment theory the second system is interpersonal. Interpersonal is defined by the concept of communication- information given from one person to another via face to face, written, television, or airwaves. Interaction- observed behaviors. Role- characteristics of give and take: learned, social,complex or situational. Stress- a dynamic state where human beings interact in the environment to develop, perform and grow.  Transaction- which is defined as a goal directed human behavior.

The great transaction happend three times in the Bible. Jesus preaching / teaching and healing ministry, the crucifixion and finally the resurrection  (which led to the descending of the Holy Spirit but that's not human behavior..)

The most important part of interaction is communication. Communication is defined as a connection verbal and nonverbal.  God communicates with us through His Word, the Word wrapped in flesh, who came to show us The Way.   (John 1:14) Jesus often communicated in parables because the mystery of the Kingdom could not be revealed until an appointed time. The Word would reveal itself- therefore The Word reveals Himself through us.

A little wordmatics for you.  COMMUNICATION( IS A CONNECTION) + GOAL = TRANSACTION (IS A DIRECTED HUMAN BEHAVIOR ).  Remember the 3 greatest transactions! Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done...GOAL!  The goal is to prepare the ground by preaching the gospel to the nations.  The connections are just as important to Kingdom as is the human behavior and role.

God has designed, formed and fashioned you uniquely for a time such as this. The communication we keep with one another is essential for the energy to connect in order to create the powerful force that will accomplish the will of Christ.

As Jesus taught his disciples (role) the process was defined by action and reactions and interaction.  The same three processes that one uses to evaluate the personal system.  The action, reaction and interaction is from social, learned, complex and situational opportunities .  It was evident that the ability to communicate differed between the disciples.  Vastly due to occupation, social status and education; but what should be noted is that as a disciple all were equal as they were servants.  Yes, disqualified were qualified and it was a mixture of people.  Jesus didn't come for the qualified.. He came to qualify the disqualified. (Matthew 9:11-13) (Luke 5:32)

Often when Jesus taught it was on a mountain. Actually, the mountain was very significant in many scenes in the Bible. Why a mountain, why refer to a large rock or mass of earth so many times and make it a reference point.  It was on the mountain top where Noah's ship landed and he sent a dove out to find life..  Jesus was led to a mountain top to be tempted, He taught on a mountain, He eventually died on the mountain and rose again on the mountain!
Mountains represent large earth mass that can not be moved, rather difficult to climb and more so optional rather than mandatory, the mountain also represents elevation. Knowledge (He taught) (Proverbs 1: 2-5) is the key to elevation, perseverance and endure (His trial), and finally rise.. What I like about the definition of the mountain is that its defined as a mass.. well relative to that is the equation for dimension mass length and time. Force times distance = work. When you multiple force and distance you get work, simply stating all that is in you must go the distance to see God work!  Its not our force, the kingdom is not of word but of Power.. The presence of power is the presence of God.

Jesus went up to that mountain and taught those disciples that it was time to rise, going up a mountain takes endurance and strength, learning is a combination of need and desire. Remember role is defined as characteristics of give and take through learned, social, complex or situational interactions.  Each disciple went up the mountain not knowing what was given to them because it was yet to be applied. The only  information from the Father that was directly given to Peter was when Jesus asked who do you say that I am.  Why do you think that was, when every other time the word came from The word (Jesus) Himself.  Because its not who you say you are, its who God says you are!!!


You are unique in every way.. You are designed for greatness.  When Life touches the treasure deep within you are operating in your role because your treasure is a connection to the transaction.  Communication is more than just words, its our exchange with one another that will produce an interaction (observed behavior).

Depth and Dimension equal heights... You are more than a conquer, You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you... You've been assigned to the mountain to make it move, and if it doesn't move conquer it and over come it... Its not in your strength or in your might, but by the Power of the Living God YOU WILL RISE 



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