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Its Personal Part 1

Goal Attainment Theory-- Part 1--   A closer look at the process of each system

Personal System

The goal attainment theory is not only a psychological theory but applied theory that transformed palliative care in the field of nursing.  Imogene King--   coined the theory to exemplify the dynamic between the nurse and patient.  Side note:  How ironic (I think not) that her name is Imogene (say it out loud and to me its Imagine King)  --   Her theories are not only related to a nursing environment but if applied in the biblical sense it is the quintessential essence of Kingdom transformation and the power of Christ that is revealed in the outcome.  

Lets just say "her" theory (I think not-- I think she took the credit for what God revealed to her but that is another blog) applied to our personal being, our living, our perception of self and how we impact change.  Really that is what God does--  lets not skirt around the fact that its not her theory its kingdom perspective.   The complete work is what we are to interact with in order to achieve the desired result-- but there is a process to do so and this is not what you call self help.   So many authors and books about self help and yet we still live in a world that is fashioned by the coined phrases of this generation that do not exude excellence.   So I have a shirt that says, She believed she could- so she did--  Only after Christ revealing certain things to me about me, I realize that this statement here could get you into some serious trouble--  Yes its empowering, yes believe, but when you believe in you more than you believe who is in you then you my friend are in a position to be set up for a set back or a fall.  We live in a time that says take pride in yourself-- Ouch, there's another one.  Are these really kingdom principles or is this the world setting you up for the spirit of the world and therefore you never really transform to the will of Christ.   We have to remember who empowers us, when one says I believe in me--  what are they saying?  Something needs to change in that statement but only when you know Christ and what HIS word says will you recognize that its not- She believed she could so she did-- its We believed He could so He did!!  You think it says the same thing but really its not.  But if you don't know any better than yes  you will live out those words- that is why its important to have people around you who live and breath the same thing you do because if not "like a hamster you will be spinning on the same wheel"  (I took that from Pastor Powell's message he preached on Sunday...) 

Looking at the transformation process its understood that in order for one to conform to the will of Christ they must be in Christ- Question?  If you are not who you are called to be in Christ then are you in Christ, or better question is He in you  or are you just watching from the sidelines.   The answer is really two fold, how much of you do you choose to hold onto before you figure out that two can not share the same space.  Not so, not even a little a bit.  For you -- goal attainment is achievable and that is destiny, that is perfect will of Christ for your life, one that was designed for you according to Jeremiah 29:11.   

The theory has a three part process within three separate systems.  The process includes action, reaction and interaction while it is applicable to three systems, personal, interpersonal and social.  The personal system is compromised of self- mind body and soul- perception and growth.    Understanding that Jesus defines your worth you will look at self differently.  The Aleph is from the Hebrew gematria and means physical and spiritual (the beginning or you could say the very being).  Aleph is defined by the picture an ox which translates to strength, oneness, YHVH, beginning of all and without end. 

What does Jesus say about self worth?
Beginning and end of all issues with self worth start with the death and resurrection of Christ.
Jesus died for you so that you can know who you are through His death-  Your are loved, favored, worthy, forgiven, redeemed.   
Anthony Brown:  " You thought I was worth saving-- so you came and changed my life, you thought I was worth keeping so you cleaned me up inside"
Saving = changed
Keeping = cleanliness
to die for = sacrifice 

Seems pretty cut and dry--  so where do you go wrong?  Well it starts with the world and how you see yourself in it.  That is the first mistake--  We are called to live in this world, but be not of it.  Then life's decisions and circumstances mold us if we are not empowered with the word of God.  So here is goes:

Insecurities = lies
shame = deception
too far gone = never coming back
broken beyond repair = shattered  

Check list time--  Every decision that you make in life relates to these categories but are indirectly related to a spirit--  (careers, social environments, relationships, friendships etc.)

Poor self image
Poor decision making
No self worth
Not good enough Or just good enough

The perception of self will always determine how far one goes, so before entering into another system the process of the personal must be mastered.   The process within the personal system is action, reaction and interaction.  The action is change, the reaction is the compliance to change, and the interaction is applying what is being changed in order for that area to be transformed.  Picture the ocean and the tide, as the waves rise up, they crash and draw back the sand- and continue to do so until life is revealed under the surface,  The layers of iniquity formed a hardened surface around the spirit- The process of transformation is through cleansing.   Something rises up, knocks it down and then pulls away everything that has hindered personal growth.  This ultimately builds up strength but also frees you from the weight of the sin but most importantly it reveals who is underneath all of that.   It is important to know both sides of the equation-  any business person will tell you that in order to make an educated decision in investment you have to know both sides of the equation - taking a look at profit and what the overhead will be.  Its about a choice to invest and where you invest determines what side of the equation you are on.  

You see, the personal system is compromised by the world but redeemed by Christ through the transaction at the cross.  Time is relative to this as it relates to the definition of the personal system (system is comprised of body, image, growth, perception, space / time, self) because its when the world and Christ collide the transaction takes place.  Picture it--  its the cross..  Vertical and Horizontal--  Vertical is up and down (heaven and earth) Horizontal is side to side (to and fro)  The world runs to and fro and Christ is heaven and earth--  So when the kingdom of Christ comes to battle the transaction takes place--  Its like getting T-boned (a collision) --  Up and down also represents elevation -- a ladder -- change.  Side to side is to oscillate.  A book written by Darius Pliyknas, "The Oscillation Paradigm" describes Autopoietic systems and in the Greek that means, self-generating -- in a closed system.  When the investment is made in a closed system there is no increase BUT when the investment is made where there is growth-- there is increase.   One will not grow beyond what is put in.  

Self worth can not depend on man's acceptance of you!  The Bible says in Genesis 1:26-  Let us make mankind in our image and in our likeness.  Mankind should be a reflection of what God created us to be- the text further describes that it is in this image that we are to rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky- meaning that man is a powerful being with authority but in the image of God which means God greater in man or man one with God in order to walk in dominion and authority.  2 Corinthians 3:18- We all, with open face beholding in glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord--  The confidence is not in ourselves but Godfidance-  Confidence in God rather than self that we be made in His image and move in His being.  

The entire Bible reveals the process of transformation when God chose people to use.  Look at Gideon-  Gideon the least of many; Gideon needed the confidence to know that God was with him so he continued to ask for signs for his confidence in God which in reverence says he feared the Lord--  He was stripped of the multitude of troops and was given minimal to defeat the enemy.  You want a sign that God is with you-- take a look around and see what you have left.   Its in our lack that we know that hand of God sustains and transforms us.  Gideon, became the man of valor in Judges 6.  the tax collector who knew of His sin but when encountered Jesus repented and followed.  Esther, a poor Jewish girl raised by her uncle brought to palace, Jacob -- and only through his ladder (or I should say latter) did he wrestle for his new name.  What do all of these people have it common--  They were moved into a place that they were not familiar with, they did not have it altogether, in fact each were not qualified but the power of God transformed them.  

The disqualified become qualified within Christ, even the disciples.  You see, and please really think about what I am saying.  I know that people can judge what you say based on who they think you are and therefore have the incorrect perception of what it is that you are trying to say.  Ignorance does not pay by any means, but the great reveal and strength is to acknowledge that we do not know therefore we seek and it is only in a state of ignorance would you seek to find the wisdom and knowledge of Christ.  Ignorance is a state, it can be changed.   Don't ever feel disqualified because of the fact that you don't know.   If continue to search it says that you are willing to be emptied and filled with the right spirit and mind, right knowledge and understanding-- If you knew too much then the two systems would fight- Why do you think the computer configures itself when you upgrade.  You can't have two systems operating. This is how the reaction interacts with the process of action-- its a formula that is used for your personal system to transform.   The interaction of the process is to seek because its a reaction to the initial action of change.  Continue to seek, continue to pursue, continue to grow.   This is  proven in the Bible-  Isaiah 46:10 says, I will show you the end from the beginning and my purpose will stand, and I will do as I please.  Go back to Jeremiah 29:11--  For I know the plans I have for you--  There is always an expected end--  Its the journey that makes the difference.   Its still the very beginning of the new year, if you were disqualified just know that your journey can begin today to be qualified.  It is never too late and you are never too far gone to enter the race--  The only race not won is the one not entered.  


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