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Carried through to get to

Carried Through to Get to

If your going up the river without a paddle then you are good place and don't even know it.  I know this statement has a negative connotation to the world--  To the world its means you're in deep trouble and your situation is quite hopeless  (If you are a believer in Christ then you know, you are not of this world; you're just in it, and you don't think the way the world thinks-- so before you think negatively, take a step back and remember God's view not world view)--  biblically, being sent up the river  was world changing, life shaping and it was ordained by God.  The Israelites were growing in population and at the threat of taking over Egypt - Pharaoh called for the babies to be killed to control the population.  Jochebed, Mose's mother heeded the word of the Lord and placed Moses in a basket-  In Hebrew, Moses basket was known as an ark-  She took the baby and the basket and sent him up the river (without a paddle) where he was found by Pharaoh's daughter.  This was the beginning of the life of Moses.  Raised in a culture that was not his, assimilating to an environment that he thought he belonged in but when he found out the truth something inside of him was ignited.  Moses grew and became disillusioned when He found out that His identity was not of an Egyptian but of a Jew.

  I submit that the disillusion was not based on the inability to identify;  but rather all of the years that He lived in the world that did not speak to who He was, living a lie.  Angered by the maltreatment of His people He murdered an Egyptian guard and went into the wilderness for 40 years.  This was a sign-  there was a warrior inside of Moses ready to slay everything that oppressed who he really was, and that is of the "chosen people"-  The seed of the deliverer was planted.  It started from birth.   His mother in essence delivered him-  In Hebrew Jochebed means God's glory; honorable.   She heard the voice of the Lord and sent her baby up the river not knowing that he was actually sent there by GOD'S GLORY.  Moses is actually Mosche and it means "drew out"  or in Egyptian means "son".  Now if Moses is a seed, he was sent in the river which watered the seed- which means when he (the son) was sent up the river he was being carried through and sent by "God's Glory" .

Destined from birth to be a deliverer of his people.    Moses left the wilderness and went forth ill equipped in his own strength but with the Glory of God as noted in his face to face encounter his human inability became God's ability to work through Moses.  You see, your inabilities are opportunities for God's ability to work through you- its not in your strength but in the supernatural power of God almighty.  Moses was ill prepared in speech but was given a staff and that's all He needed.  The rod was the authority of God to deliver.  Psalms 23, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, your rod and staff comfort me."

Now, lets take a look at this: The Israelites were growing hungry and thirsty- Moses was commanded to smite the rock in order to draw water from it.  The Rod (authority of God ) smites the rock (foundation of the earth) to draw out water (which represents life) profound that one statement, "up the river" could have such an impact on Christianity.  The authority of God strikes the foundations to draw out life??  Huh, what do you mean-  By God's authority a foundation is shaken.  Something has to be broken- in order for it to produce.  In order to consider a pregnant woman in active labor, her water breaks.  When the night is transitioning into day its called breaking of day, because the light pushes through the clouds- In order to a sow a seed there is a breaking of the ground, or threshing in order for something to be produce.  Look at it this way-- By God's authority, the rock - our Savior Jesus was stricken, bruised for our iniquity and crucified so that we might have life and life more abundantly and ultimately eternal life. 

The old identity has been shaken away, its gone-- Everything that was a lie about the true you is gone.  You might stutter and not have the right words-- but that's just another opportunity for God to show Himself strong THRU you-   There is something inside that God has placed in you rising up to do something you have never done before.  The seas have been parted and you are walking through.  You have been saved for what you are called for- You might not see yourself as prepared but like God spoke to Moses instructing him to keep his arms raised with the staff over his head.  The authority of God is from above and your arms raised means that you have surrendered to the will of the Father because the battle is not yours-- its the Lords-- Your surrender to His perfect will for your life means that there will always be victory over the oppressor.   

Look back at this very relative point:  The ark not only represents the basket, but Noah's ark and the Ark of Covenant --  The ark built by Noah as an act of faith to the word of God that kept him, his family and 2 of every animal safe during the flooding of the world.  It was only after the ark stopped after 40 days on the mountain did Noah send out the "dove"  that brought back an olive branch 7 days later--  Moses the same baby sent up the river eventually  met God on Mount Sinai for 40 days -  -- Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days...  You see, being sent up the river is not the critical part-- but what made it possible to arrive is the pinnacle point-- The ark in each instance represented:  Noah's ark -- The way through a world that was being flooded. Something that was created by God for his Glory for mankind--  Moses' ark -- from baby to old man eventually brought him to a place of revelation and truth to deliver those out of bondage, receiving God's commandments for His people and then the Ark of the Covenant -- The Mercy Seat, the atonement and ultimately the grace of God.

You see-- every time you are sent up the river without a paddle (in the worldly sense--  when you think you are headed for disaster remember this)  The way, The Truth and the Life ( The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit) The Shepard The Rod and the Staff--  will always carry you through.  That is when the Father does His best work in you and through you--  There is a point in life when nothing or no one can help, its only by the mighty hand of God that carry you through-- The will of God will never take you to the place where the grace of God won't keep you. 

God is drawing out His Sons and Daughters and raising them up for His glory.  There is going to be an out pour of His spirit and His presence being made manifest upon the world.  He is preparing the way for His return and drawing those now.   For His Glory.. For His Kingdom WILL come and HIS WILL, BE DONE...  Every spiritual baby and purpose and plan of God placed in you to be birthed will be-- as Moses was in the water and the river--  The spiritual pregnancy is carried by the living waters that flow from within---   Its time to press through and seek His face for what is inside of you that you are carrying.  PUSH because  Its time for you to deliver---  

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast- it leads us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary"  Hebrews 6:19

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