Friday, April 21, 2017

What is your WHY?

What is your WHY? (Credits owed to Motiversity)

That epic battle between Jacob and the angel took all night.  But I believe the night is not only a time of day but is metaphoric in our lives.  You see the night represents darkness and to fight your way through the night denotes endurance and perseverance through the darkest days. The fight to see the light the breaking of day or dawn.  What is the Y-- why do you get up and fight every day, why do you have a heart beat, what is your impulse, what charges you?  All of this defines you and who you are, the igniting flame that kick starts a fire inside in order for you to create a fire and flame everywhere you go.   When you are able to set  a fire, you bring light from deep within, and everywhere you go, you set it off.   That statement alone, is enough to get a visual that states YOU are here for a REASON... 

The Lord has come to baptize in fire, and once He ignites you it is purpose, greater in you that will keep the flame going.  Your WHY (look at these two words together- YourWHY-   Looks like Yahweh YHWY) The tetragrammaton is the abbreviation for God, which means "to be"  "to exist" "to cause or become".  Your why won't be defined by materialistic things, but must be defined by where your passion lies, and what lies within, why you exist.  Truth:  You exist only because of the grace of God, you exist for His purpose, you exist only because He permits your existence.  So if you are not operating in your why than you are not living but simply existing.  A life without purpose, is a life without destination. 

Picture the scene in the Bible where the 3 Hebrew boys when into the fiery furnace, and when it got hotter, a fourth man arose and it was Christ who kept them.  Now take a look within your deepest self and see that fire in your belly and see that flame rising on the inside, because that's where your spirit man lies, NOW see Christ ARISE as He did in the fiery furnace.  Its the flame on the inside that not only protects the treasure but also burns away everything that has buried it.   The radiant light comes from Christ within that unlocks the gift.   Get ready because you are a fire starter.  You wrestled and you won.  Set a fire and a flame for Christ.  He is calling you out to start a blazing trail.   This is the generation of trail blazers, this is the generation of Elijah, call on the God who answers by fire and watch the power of the Living God erupt through you. 

That stirring, the boiling inside of you that produces a bubble, it is the flame of the Lord under the pot of water that is welled up within that causes a reaction to bubble and overflow. Like a fountain, the pressurized system pushes the water up in order for it to overflow, but the pressure must remain consistent so that gravity is defied.  Hallelujah....     

  The energy built up is purpose roaring to get out.  It is the lion(ess) that is within four walls that is pacing and internally roaring.  The Lord has created the Lion to roar to send out the signal which means he's hungry.   The lion does not stop until it is satisfied.  Hallelujah.  Look at the Lion of Judah, in battle the Lion goes up first to let out that war cry, that praise that doesn't stop until something happens.  Its the same in you, its the Lion inside that says these four walls can't hold you back. (And the walls are figurative).  Its time to be boundless.

We speak about seed and harvest, pulse and impulse, your pulse defines impulse.  Your pulse is your heart beat and how quick or slow for that matter it goes, and your impulse is the action or reaction to situation.   Define your beat.  Somewhat unfortunate if ever noticed, (hahahaha I can laugh at myself) but I can't clap and stomp on beat consistently; I have to look out of my peripheral vision to the person next to me to get on beat and forget it if they start with the double clap and the wave and getting all fancy with it.  Don't ask, I guess it has to do with me being multiracial, only some of me got rhythm but the moral of the story is I get thrown off.  You see, its not meant for us to look at everyone's pulse because we all don't have the same impulse or beat.  Sometimes you have to learn to dance to the beat of your own drum and know that even when your are off beat, your pulse still flows and actually your right on. 

Jesus taught us that.  He has not come to be traditional, but intentionally radical.  His methodology and ministry did not meet the outline of the norm and definitely didn't conform to what others thought it should be.  He did things differently, He spoke in their language although many could not understand because well, they were simply not ready for His pulse, they didn't want to understand simply because of who it came from, not because of what was said.  They couldn't handle it, they didn't see it and they didn't want to see it.  Because if they did, they would have to acknowledge the Son of God.  The life and ministry of Christ defines the unusual, the natural that could not be explained because what He does is supernatural.  You see, everything inside of you points to Christ, everything!! 

Your WHY =  YHWY = defines I AM

The Lion roar on the inside =  LION OF JUDAH-

IMPULSE = a reaction- but when the words are separated IM (I AM) =  Jesus   PULSE =  seed =  JESUS = THE WORD (ImPulse-  Jesus is the seed, the word) Its not pointing to you or me, it points to Jesus!

The Fountain =  THE WORD = Jesus = LIFE is from the water  =  Truth

FIRE= HOLY SPIRIT -  Flame of Jesus = LIGHT of the EARTH

YOUR Purpose is CHRIST---    The kingdom agenda that is within will come through you--  the beat of the drum just ushers in the presence of the all mighty God, it prepares the way with a roar, and consuming fire, to trail blaze and make an impact.  IT IS YOUR WHY!! 

Let the fountain spring up and purpose drive, let you be ignited by your passion and let the Lord have his way.  It is time to RISE, it is time for you to get up and do something, the power is in your voice.  The Lion is in your voice, the fountain will come from your voice, and the pressurized system will bring it forth.  Prepare ye the way...   Because its time for reformation, its time for trail blazers to RISE, its time for FIRE STARTERS to RISE, its time for you to be activated by the hand of GOD and for purpose!  THY KINGDOM COME LORD, YOUR WILL BE DONE!  Prepare ye the way, for the LORD IS COMING!  He is calling HIS army into activation. 

If you don't know your purpose, its only because you don't know the LORD- and if you don't know the Lord then make a conscious decision to get to know Him.  All you have to do is call on HIM and He will answer you, those are His promises.  Knock and the door shall open--   If you are not saved and want salvation, just ask.  Confess, Father I am a sinner, I need you and I desire salvation.  I turn away from my past and former ways, I repent of all my sins, forgive me Father.  I believe that you Jesus are the Son of God, the word wrapped in flesh, and you took upon the cross for my sins.  You shed your blood of Calvary for me, you were crucified and resurrected on the 3rd day.  You are the resurrected King.  Lord, grant me salvation in your name.    Seek Him, because in finding Him, You will find you.

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