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The Product of Biblical Multiplication

July 17, 2017 (07/17/17)
Reference Scriptures:
Revelations 7:17
Isaiah 49:10
Mark 6:7
Psalms 50
Matthew 28:18
Psalms 72 / 148 / 114

In grade school we learned that the sum of two numbers is a result of addition.  How many can recall what the result of a multiplication problem is called?  Don't feel bad, I had to google to make sure I was correct-- its been awhile.  The result of a multiplication problem is called a product. So when you add something its just the sum but when you multiply something a product is created?  Lets stick with multiplication as it further describes the kingdom of Heaven and gives a greater revelation of what most have seen in the text.  Multiplication and mathematics is relevant even in scripture. 
The product that we are discussing is heaven upon earth. 

Mark 6:7 7Calling the Twelve to him, he began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over impure spirits. (12 disciples sent out 2x2) So mathematically we look at this at 2x2=4 . The number 4 is creation / God created the universe through creativity / breathe- 
The disciples went out 2x2 for 2 reasons-  1st: To bare witness for one another because in order for the testimony to withstand it needed to be validated by 2 or more people.  2nd: Two is better than one; 2 can chase 10,000 (especially since the text says that He called the disciples and gave them authority over impure spirits)
The first product revealed in Mark 6 is the Disciple the second product is creation / creativity and the 3rd product is authority

Now the disciple not only represents a follower of Christ but by the defining text of Mark 6 the disciple represents a person who has been given authority and the power of Christ.  Power and Authority are two governing words.  Remember "The Kingdom of Heaven is not of word but of POWER" Which means the disciples represent government.  The biblical number for government / disciple is represented by 12.  So now the equation changes from 2x2 to 12x12.  Ok without your calculator what is 12x12----   (cue in Jeopardy music-- 5 secs)  if you couldn't do it without a calculator shame on you !!   12x12 = 144-  Now keep in mind the 144 as its applicable to Revelations. 

Go to Psalms 50---  Psalms 50 is spoken with a voice of judgement to His people.  He reminded the people that He does not need their sacrifices as he owns everything already.  Psalms 50:10-  for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.  God owns everything clearly stated.  Now reading Psalms 50:1-6 God is summoning His people -  "He summons the Heaven above and the earth so that He may judge His people"  ..    Look at the cattle on a thousand hills.   We the people are God's sheep--  sheep are His cattle...   Now look at 1,000 hills.   What does a hill represent biblically?  Hills according to Psalm 72:3- Hills of Righteousness Psalms 148:9 Praise Jehova ye mountains and hills. Psalms 114:4-6 The Hills likes the sons of the flock.  Back to this statement: God owns everything -So if the cattle is defined as his sheep and His sheep know His voice and follow no other than His sheep are His disciples. The cattle are the disciples on 1000 hills.  Here's another math problem:

12x12-  The disciples that went out two by two = 144.  Take the 144 and multiple it by 1000 hills-  144,000.  According to Revelations 7 the 144,000 derive from the 12 tribes of Israel 12,000 from each tribe- These are those that are chosen - They were sealed and served God day and night. 

Look closely at Hills and how they are defined.   Hill of Righteousness / Praise / son of the flock.  This defines praise and worshippers; those that are born again in the righteousness in and of Christ Jesus while Sons of the flock can be looked at as two things... The children of God or Sons which is identified as a servant in the kingdom such as a Pastor.  

John 4:23 23Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

Revelations 7:17- "For the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them to living fountains of water and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."  These are those that have been chosen.  

So what is the relevance of all this math?  Well God is showing you the end times through mathematics - He is showing you His elect and how He chose them for THE GREAT COMMISSION Matthew 28:18 states that all the power and authority has been given to Jesus.   The product is heaven upon earth.  Through praise / worship / creativity /  and the living fountains (which can be defined the prophetic word). 

Taking it one step further for all of those who are about to get religious on me and say noo no noo.. Look at 144,000 according to Revelations.  Revelations states that 144,000 are from the tribe of Israel. How can one know the genealogy accept for God--  further more is there a pure blood line still left?  I would bank on saying no--  that while 144,000 represent God's chosen in accordance to the end times--  the tribe of Israel is represented not by blood line but by the definition of the name--
God's army is defined by the name- 12,000 of each kind of disciple will be raised up "For a time such as this"
Judah-  to praise and give thanks (Praisers)
Reuben- the Lord looked upon on my afflictions ("many are the afflictions of the righteous") / seeing (The afflicted for Christ sake)
Gad- a troop comes (The army of the Lord / prayer warriors)
Asher- blessed (those who are blessed to be a blessing)
Naphtali- to wrestle / entwine with (intercessors); give good words (to pronounce blessings)
Simeon- hearing; obedient and listening (worshippers / obedience)
Levi- to be joined; attached or pledge (those He brings together for kingdom purpose)
Issachar- There is a reward; employee / wages - financial pillar
Zebulun- to honor or dwelling with husband (The bridegroom)
Joseph- The Lord will add a son (Children of God)
Benjamin- Son of the right hand (Who is Christ alone)
Dan- God is judge (Raising up of end time Judges / Prophets)

Now is the time- prepare the way for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and the product is Heaven upon earth!!   The Lord is calling His people into action-  Activating the army! 


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